About Green Underwing

Green Underwing Wildlife Education is run by naturalist Philip James Taylor (BSc, MSc). The aim of Green Underwing is to highlight the importance of the natural world through fun and engaging workshops, guided walks and training sessions.  

Philip James Taylor

Naturalist, Writer, Educator


Phil has over a decade’s worth of experience of delivering wildlife education in the form of workshops, writing and photography.

Phil achieved a BSc (Hons) in Ecology with Biology from the University of East Anglia (2005-2008). He then went on to gain practical experience from variety of volunteer placements, including acting as the Residential Volunteer Warden at RSPB Vane Farm in Scotland. His love for Scottish wildlife continued with a Ranger job at the Aigas Field Centre in Inverness. The role, something of a cross between teacher and tour guide, allowed him to lead both children and adults on trips across the Highlands to discover dolphins, eagles, deer and more!


Continuing the Scottish theme, Phil worked as the RSPB’s Red Kite Officer for Perth and Tayside before returning to academia to top of his knowledge with an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation from the University of Leeds in 2013.


Currently Phil resides in York, working freelance on a variety of wildlife projects, including the St Nicks Discover Nature group, outreach for organisations including the Canal and River Trust and Natural England, and conducting wildlife surveys for ecology consultancies such as Quants. Most recently he has joined the Railway to Greenway project to highlight the importance of biodiversity along the green cycle ways between York and Selby.


To learn more about Phil’s experience why not visit his LinkedIn page for a more detailed account.