Workshop Examples

if you represent an organisation such as a school, scout group or wildlife charity, please contact Phil if you would like to arrange a workshop.

3Hagges - Trist and J2.jpg
Bees, Butterflies and More!

Take part in a minibeast safari as we go looking for everything that flies, buzzes and crawls around the reserve. Learn why bees are important for helping make the food we eat, how ladybirds are the master of disguise, and how butterflies avoid being eaten.

Workshop and include:

  • Activity: Minibeast hunts including sweep netting and pitfall trapping 

  • Activity: Food challenge activity – which foods need bees to exist.

  • Craft: make a minibeast home from a bottle or yoghurt pot, and sticks, pinecones, bamboo and corrugated cardboard

  • Games: A range of game demonstrating insect behaviour

Scampston 2019 - Water beetle2. PJTaylor
Life in the Pond

Meet the incredible wildlife that lives in a pond. Take part in a hands-on pond dipping activity as you comes face-to-face with baby dragonflies, bloodworms and newts!


Workshop can include:

  • Activity: Pond dipping with nets, pots and ID charts

  • Demo: Difference between dragonflies and damselflies

  • Demo: Dragonfly nymph feeding demonstration with props

  • Craft: make a caddisfly case out of local materials


Bat Walk Pic 2.jpg
An Introduction to Bats


An evening session that introduces the mysterious world of bats. We will explore topics such as where they live, what they eat and how they behave. We aim to find bats in the wild using our eyes and also a bat detector. Important note – bats are wild animals so we can’t guarantee sightings!


Session can include:

  • Activity: Night-time wildlife walk using bat detectors and torches

  • Demo: Moth trapping 

  • Activity: Moth identification using pre-caught moths pre-caught

  • Games: Bat vs moth

brilliant birds CRT.jpg
Brilliant Birds


What’s that small bird singing in the trees? What’s that giant one on your roof? Come along to the reserve and learn how to identify your local birds from sight and by recognising their calls. 

Session can included:

  • Activity: Birdwatching walk looking for species and listening to their calls 

  • Games: Find your flock, Birdsong Bingo 

  • Activity: Build a bird nest 

  • Craft: Make a bird feeder