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New Nature article 2017
Article on Ecotherapy in New Nature Magazine, March 2017 issue, page 32
Buglife Species Management Sheet
Species management sheet: Scarlet malachite beetle
Blog: Railway to Greenway
Blog: Wildlife Workshops Begin! April 2018
Eco Sapien script: Canada
Script for Eco Sapien episode - Wild places: Clayoquot Sound, Canada
Book: Hidden Worlds
An introduction to the incredible world of insects!
Eco Sapien Script - Taxonomy
Script for Eco Sapien episode - Taxonomy - The difference between Moths and Butterflies
Short story: Taking the Low Road
Short story available for download.
TBA Newletter 2014
Very short article for the Tropical Biology Association newsletter
Short story: Third Party
Speculative fiction. Downloadable free of charge.
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